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      Bring over 100 years of pipeline construction experience to bear on your next project. Mid-America offers the safest crews using the industries best equipment – on time and on budget. In addition to pipeline construction Mid-America offers a wide range of services.

      Professional Services: Safety & Constructability Evaluation, AFE Preparation and Evaluation, Design Support, Project Planning and Scheduling.

      Construction Services: Pipeline Mainline, Reroutes, Specialized Crossings, Terminals and Stations Pumps, Manifolds, Unloading Loading Racks Truck, Rail, Marine, Civil Excavation, Grading, Containment, Concrete, Survey, Engineering and Project Management.

      Rehabilitation and Maintenance Services: Mainline Reconditioning Programs, Station Reconditioning Programs, Hydro-testing Pipelines and Stations. Scraper Trap installation for specialized smart tools.